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Golf course pathways

Golf Path Paving for Squamish, Whistler & Area Courses

If you are looking to enhance the experience at your golf course, consider golf path paving in Squamish, Whistler and surrounding areas from Alpine Paving (1978) Ltd. Rough, uneven terrain is not only hard on your golf carts, it creates a greater risk of injury for your guests. Our experienced team can provide a smooth, safe surface that will make your course easy to navigate.

Known for durable, long-lasting asphalt paving services, we can customize a solution for you. If you need additional paving for your parking lots or the access road to your clubhouse, we are pleased to help with that as well. Contact us to get started.

Benefits of Golf Path Paving
There are many reasons why golf path paving is a good idea for your course, including the following:

  • Reduces risk of accidents / injury
  • Reduces risk of damage to golf carts and lowers maintenance costs
  • Improves pace of play
  • Enhances the overall golfing experience
  • Promotes a professional image

Whether you are considering a new installation or you need resurfacing to existing paths, Alpine Paving (1978) Ltd. is ready for the job. Give us a call to discuss the details of your project.

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